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To me, working with design is a feeling. At the start of a new project, I first and foremost look for a nerve, a spirit. A beginning. It is like entering a special room, where the heart is able to speak. A place, where anything is possible, where I can look at everything with free energy, and without judgement or preconceived notions. I visualize how the product will be used, and what charisma it will have in a room – and based upon this mood, I begin to think about form and function. The process continues in my workshop, and it is when I am there, that I really become immersed in the design process. Still very intuitively, and mostly ruled by my hands and the possibilities offered to me by the material, a playful search combined with experience, helps the product begin to take shape. A thought becomes reality. To me, success is when my design brings daily joy to many. 

Maria Berntsen Industrial Design, established 1992, have during the years received multiple awards for the creation of outstanding design.